welcome to

the unconventional approach

…to living your…


  • unfiltered and ELECTRIC

  • full body yes


  • RAW and vibrant

  • radically ALIVE…

‘hell YEAH’


…saturated with the yumminess of deep connection and authentic expression!

…for those of you who are sick and tired of…

  • constantly trying to get your relationship ‘right’ by following advice from clueless role models and ineffective therapists who all don’t embody what they teach

  • giving your power away - compromising the full-on awesome and ALIVE expression of who you are in order to make it work!

  • stupid quick fixes that make you feel a little better in the moment but really let you down in the long run

  • accepting a relationship that isn’t all the way inspiring and ALIVE


    YOU WANT and DESERVE so much more than be STUCK in a RELATIONSHIP pattern that isn’t working for both of you!

And HERE is the good news:

We have something for you that actually WORKS!


relationship UnCoaching

…is OUR RADICAL invitation to uninstall ALL the Mind Clutter and start…

  • undoing what’s holding you back from living the relationship you desire!

  • unveiling the magic and inspiration you know exists

  • tapping into your limitless potential and create what you want to see in your relationship

  • uncluttering your mind making space for deep and meaningful connection

  • radically reinventing yourself - aligning with what works for you

  • while lovingly holding each other in the process of stepping into your power - together growing - growing together - based on truly knowing, acknowledging and appreciating each other, because of who you are


right now you use about 7% of your relationship potential!

…We want you to use ALL of it!


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there are three ways to go about when your relationship slowly shifts from an ‘everything’s like a dream'/bliss land’ experience to that being interrupted more and more frequently by the ‘oh my god - what the f*uck is happening?!’ moments.

  • you’re shaking your fist at the heavens/universe for messing with you so big time overcome by anger and resentment slowly fading into resignation, feeling unmet and unfulfilled in your relationship - moving into something like a martyr space, powerless and yet proud of the sacrifice - slowly losing the initial magic

  • you start working super hard at ‘fixing’ the relationship - compromising and denying yourself - looking for someone or something to blame - speculating, expecting, assuming and projecting - getting stuck in the ‘story’

  • you f*cking RUN!!


let that not be YOU!

opposite of what everyone is telling you…

  • You DO matter!

  • You do have a REAL choice!

  • You CAN BOTH thrive in your relationship - sustainably


…BUT the way is NOT smack down the middle of main street!

it’s by truly setting yourself and your partner FREE!

…and we are not talking the open relationship kinda free.

it’s about weening and unschooling yourself from all those beliefs, stories and excuses that are holding you back from REALLY showing up as your awesome SELF bringing your UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL gifts unapologetically into this world and of course your relationship…

…and be loved and appreciated for exactly that - BEING YOU


take the first step towards living the relationship you want and apply for a FREE relationship unCoaching session now! go ahead and click…

  • to radiantly feeling alive!

  • to yourself

  • to your partner

  • to both of you SEEing and supporting each other

…this is our promise to you:

  • we are NOT giving you more tools to bypass discomfort aka access point to deeper understanding and guidance - helping you avoid and deny what’s actually happening

  • we are not trying to pinpoint who is right and who’s wrong - getting lost in a swamp of shame and guilt

  • we are not interested in you numbing and distracting yourself merely maintaining

  • we do not engage in more drama - stories and excuses

  • we don’t push pointless and inefficient rules and restrictions


are you ready?

we are here for YOU!

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